Monday, March 10, 2008

Planning and preparing the work to install the PLC

Planning is basic function of management. So that the risk could be minimized, with that all the work, action and policy must be planned beforehand. Planning gives the complete and clear representation about all the work. Planning the work consist of compiles the work plan, plans the equipment and material, and coordinates the work.
Compiling a work plan
Compiling a work plan is an activity to make the sequence of the most efficient work execution steps. In compiling the work plan is given high priority to the parts of easy done beforehand, then difficult shares. There is a lot of method to install the PLC. Under given some guidance can be used to install the PLC. Of course you have to follow the existing Standard Operational Procedure.
Step below only represent one of practical example;
  • Learn the wiring diagram and configuration of the PLC will be installed
  • Learn Installation guide of the PLC
  • Install the CPU Unit and I/O Unit
  • Install the Expansion Unit or Expansion I/O Unit
  • Install I/O devices ( push button, sensor, relay, motor, etc)
  • Install wire the I/O Unit and I/O devices
  • Install wire the Power Supply
  • Connect communications devices if necessary
  • Connect Programming devices
  • Check I/O wiring

Planning the work equipment, material, safety equipment, and assistive equipment
Every assembler process always identify using of the equipment needed and material will be used.

The equipment and material required for example:
  • PLC Unit
  • Tool set
  • Cable
  • I/O devices
  • Box panel
  • Power devices ( MCB, fuse, etc)
  • Safety equipments
  • Coordinates the work
Coordinates the work
After the work plan is compiled, team member concerned in completion of the task is contacted to ensure that the work has been coordinated effectively so that is not happened the misunderstanding at the time of work execution.

While preparing is an activity done before the work is started. Preparing consist of learning installation guide of the PLC, preparing the equipment and material, and preparing the wiring diagram.